The Wallace Foundation Major Initiatives

The Wallace Foundation has five major initiatives under way:



 School Leadership

After School
Strengthening the leadership of principals and other key figures in schools to improve student achievement.

 Arts Education

After School
Expanding arts learning opportunities for children and teens in school and beyond.

 Building Audiences for the Arts

After School
Supporting arts organizations to develop and test ideas for reaching new audiences so that many more people might enjoy the benefits of the arts.

 After School

After School
Helping cities improve access to high-quality after-school programs through coordination of the work of nonprofits, government and other groups.

 Summer and Expanded Learning

After School
Supporting school district and other efforts to expand learning time during summer and the regular school day or year.

We've assembled a sampling of some major past initiatives that have generated reports of ongoing interest:


Wallace Initiatives: 1989-2004

Adult Literacy

Using public libraries to help American adults learn to read.


Boosting the ability of public and school libraries to help students learn and develop skills.

School Counseling

Training school counselors to take a larger role in strengthening students' academic achievement and job skills.

Teacher Recruitment

Recruiting and training people from non-traditional backgrounds to be teachers.

Urban Parks

Fostering public-private partnerships to spur reinvestment in open spaces.

Here you'll find detailed descriptions of all of our past initiatives and their results.