This toolkit guide developed by Jody Spiro, director of education at Wallace, aims to make the implementation of organizational improvement plans go as smoothly and well as possible. Using six tools, ranging from a “readiness rubric” to a “scale and sustainability score sheet,” the book sets out to support change-leaders on a number of fronts: supporting those who might be less ready than others to change; achieving "early wins;" collaborating effectively; working with opponents; minimizing resistance to change; sustaining improvements; and building on success. Leading change “requires continuous analysis of the situation and mid-course corrections,” Spiro writes. “It includes the ability to think several steps ahead and then plan the present with the future in mind, put plans quickly into action and continuously monitor and revise the work to take advantage of—or mitigate—unintended consequences as they arise.”

Updated versions of two tools (the “readiness rubric” and the “resistance reducer”) from Spiro’s book Leading Change Step-by-Step: Tactics, Tools and Tales are made are available in the guide through an arrangement with publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc., which offers the complete book for sale on its website.

An article on “early wins” (in Supplementary Materials below) appeared in the April 2012 issue of JSD, the journal of Learning Forward, an association for those who work in professional development in education.