This kit was designed to help those who run principal preparation programs assess the quality of the training they provide to aspiring principals. The kit includes rubrics (detailed criteria used to determine ratings) for evaluating the quality of program components. Programs are rated on the caliber of their candidate recruitment, course content and internships, and the success of their program graduates in job procurement and school leadership. The evaluation criteria were based on research that identifies the characteristics of effective principal preparation and standards for principal job performance.

A separate handbook is designed to guide a team through the rubrics. The handbook includes step-by-step instructions for organizing a program-assessment meeting, descriptions of suggested responsibilities for team members and a sample meeting agenda. It also has tips for gathering evidence to support evaluations and deepen the discussion along with charts to record ratings and the evidence cited.

 Points of Interest

  • To prepare for school leadership, aspiring principals need a full-year internship to practice skills under the guidance of experienced principals and university experts.
    Aspiring #principals need full-year #internships to hone leadership skills w/guidance.
  • Principal interns need a chance to lead projects that solve school problems and should receive daily, expert feedback on their job performance.
    To prep for #leadership, #principal interns need to solve tough problems & get daily feedback. #education

 Supplementary Materials