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What tool or information resource could we add to help you in financial management
What would have made it more useful
Did you find this resource useful and why
Lucas TyreeLucas Tyree
Valuable tool but the excel file has formatting errors with calculations, there are dollar totals where there should be percentages and there are error warnings for other boxes
Percy Johnnie
Will come back to answer this after sharing
Will come back to answer this after sharing.
Very Very informative and will share with my constituency.
Finance is the key factor the all do not plan around in what ever they do or embark upon.
I tried to download it and it said "file not found"
Add ways for us to get grants in order to have more cash flow and better our finances.
More stuff to download.
Yes, because...
Kathleen O'
Excellent video training. I have not attempted to use the Cash Flow Proections Template yet, but plan to do so in the next week.
may be put some in power point
its very important
This is a fantastic resource and video. Thank you for sharing.
Please fix the link.  Thanks!
No--it doesn't exist (dead link)
Katherine FH Heart, GPC,
Uncertain at this time.
I think it will potentially be useful with my grant consulting clients (nonprofit agencies) for evaluating RFPs. Also, I teach advance proposal writing and would like to reference this tool in my resource list and lecture, if permitted.
I find this resource very useful.I was looking for material for a workshop. your side hepled me a lot to help other non-profit organizations to understand what is financial managemet.
Veronica Morgan-Lee,
See the above answer--but  I will get back to you.  Thanks.
I have done a quick review and can tell you more once we start to use the materials
Excellent--we are a struggling nonprofit arts organization and your resources will help us to grow into a sustainable organization while our cost to use these resources are open to us via the internet.  Thank you.
The only other way that I can see it being enhanced would have been with another case study (different than the models shared) and a bulleted list of ideas.
The challenge of sustaining nonprofits financially and focusing on fulfilling mission-work can be overwhelming. The case studies were great examples and validation that we can't move forward without diversifying resources and being more inclusive of that financial model via the talents and investment of youth/families served.
I thought it was excellent! The spreadsheet is well crafted, and the presenter's explanation was just detailed enough to provide the information needed to use the tool effectively.
if the link was working
Once we gain access to the file it'll be easier to provide feedback on this.  Please let me know if you require anything specific from us in order to obtain this file.

Ability to immediately download the file.
Yes! This provided great insight on calculating a budget for all the programs we work on.  However, we were unable to download the file on your site. 
Give us a grant, more money will solve all our problems. Or it could just create more problems.
More stuff to download
Yes, because...
I'm not sure if anything could be added yet, but I wouldn't imagine it would be much.  Wow!!!  Thank you so much!!
The video is great!  I haven't used it enough to make improvement suggestions.  But like it is, wow!!
WOW!!!  I'm a start-up non-profit with lots of support.  So much so that I find I'm falling behind due to those who are eager to help.  A great problem to have.  Your program is so, so perfect to help my accounting person to who is retired from the corporate world to help him understand more about the non-profit side.  Also, the consideration to include in-direct expenses to each project is invaluable.  WOW!!!
Budgeting 101 for staff leadership opportunities.
Add some data infographics from small to medium six nonprofits.
Yes, simple and direct. I will use it with our board and look for ways to share with funders and through other social media connections with donors.
Yes, I found this very useful.  Much of the article supports a couple of my long held beliefs. One, the largest funders (and the government) should agree on a common set of reporting tools for grantees.  It would save valuable time and resources but it would also allow those individuals closest to the work to  build and share their functional expertise more efficiently.  Two, the largest funders (and the government) should finance a standard curriculum for non-profit professionals consisting of a variety of modules focused on mastering the concepts necessary to successfully operating an NPO.  Grants should be tied to the NPOs requiring their employees to complete pertinent modules. 
An accounting tool to keep track of expenditures, that corresponds to this budget and shows amount and % spent.
I added a fourth program, then couldn't figure out how to see that column while hiding the empty columns for (nonexistent) programs five, six and seven.
Yes, very useful! I really appreciate that this resource allows our organization to enter percentage of time spent on each program and see our costs broken down by program. Very easy and user-friendly for a brand-new executive director with very little accounting experience.
I like what I see on my page of your web site but this is my first and so far information I want I can not access. Do we have to pay a fee?
Cleared and better links to resources that opens.
Test please disregard
yes, because...
I would love a similar tool on non profit forecasting.  That is another area that I have not had to do but would like to walk through that similarily to this process, slowly with examples and using simple words that most people can understand. 
The U-Tube video was really hard to see and when I enlarged it it just made it blurry.  I don't know if that can be helped or not but overall he was excellent.
John Summers did an excellent job of walking through steps slowly enough to understand and by also using examples it was so helpful to me. 
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