How to Get The Most Out of Summer Learning

​​​​​Research shows that students with high attendance at quality summer learning programs benefit in math and reading. But getting students, especially those who could benefit most, to sign up for voluntary summer learning programs is not an easy task. In this interactive guide, you'll learn from five large school districts how to launch a summer learning recruitment effort.​

The Summer Learning Recruitment Guide is also available in printed format.

 This Guide's Three Steps



Why Recruit? /knowledge-center/summer-learning/recruitment/Pages/why-recruit.aspxWhy Recruit? <img alt="" src="/knowledge-center/summer-learning/recruitment/PublishingImages/SEL-recruit-icon.png" width="124" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClassD8A6CD525EAB42FF8A06D7B2F0C8DBBA"><ul><li>​Learn the importance of a recruitment program</li><li>How to get your team up and running</li><li>The research behind this playbook<br></li></ul></div>
Develop Your Strategy/knowledge-center/summer-learning/recruitment/Pages/develop-your-strategy.aspxDevelop Your Strategy<img alt="" src="/knowledge-center/summer-learning/recruitment/PublishingImages/WFKnight.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClass9FC3532A0A204847AFBE28975646E887"><ul><li>​What many parents think about summer learning</li><li>How to build the foundation for your recruitment program<br></li><li>What are best practices for recruitment<br></li></ul></div>
Build Your Gameplan/knowledge-center/summer-learning/recruitment/Pages/build-your-gameplan.aspxBuild Your Gameplan<img alt="" src="/knowledge-center/summer-learning/recruitment/PublishingImages/SEL-gameplan-icon.png" width="124" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClassCF722D356F29457ABD742A91FBC83C11"><ul><li> ​What tactics work best for you </li><li> How to prioritize your approach </li><li> How to get started with our templates </li></ul></div>

"Reaching, engaging, and motivating parents of children who can most benefit from a voluntary summer learning program requires a targeted outreach and recruitment program."