Directors and Staff

Board of Directors

Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr.
Candace Beinecke
Augusta S. Kappner
Richard L. Kauffman
Kevin W. Kennedy 
Will Miller
Ann S. Moore
Joseph W. Polisi
Debora L. Spar
Amor H. Towles
Mary Beth West


Office of the President
Will Miller, President
Deborah Alexander, Secretary to the President
Kenneth W. Austin, Senior Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Geraldine Sutera, Legal/HR Assistant 

Education Leadership
Jody Spiro, Director
Rochelle Herring, Program Officer 
Nicholas Pelzer, Program Officer
Carolina Velasquez, Administrative Assistant 

Daniel Windham, Director
Mark D. Jobson, Administrative Assistant
Christine Yoon, Program Officer

Learning and Enrichment
Nancy M. Devine, Director
Claudia DeMegret, Program Officer
Katherine Lewandowski, Program Officer
Priscilla M. Little, Initiative Manager
Dara Rose, Senior Officer
Polly Singh, Program Officer
Tosha Webb, Administrative Assistant

Research and Evaluation
Edward Pauly, Director
Rachel Hare Bork, Research and Evaluation Officer
Ramona Providence, Administrative Assistant
Hilary Rhodes, Senior Officer 
Ann Stone, Senior Officer
Elizabeth Ty Wilde, Senior Officer 

Lucas Bernays Held, Director
Daniel A. Browne, Writer
Pamela Mendels, Senior Editor
Tyler Miller, Administrative Assistant
Jose Moreno, Senior Graphic Designer
Jessica Schwartz, Senior Officer
Sarosh Z. Syed, Writer

Stacy J. Martin, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Francisco Matos, Senior Accountant
Nidon Vilotijevic, Accounting Administrative Assistant
Solonia Wade, Accountant
Kristina Whyte,  Senior Accountant

Rob D. Nagel, Chief Investment Officer and Assistant Treasurer
Geraldine Francis, Investment Assistant
Anthony Thai, Senior Investment Officer

Human Resources, Information Technology and Shared Services
Sharon W. Clark, Chief Administrative Officer
Holly Dodge, Grants Administration Manager
Christine A. Kudrav, Grants Associate
Jaclyn Le, Program and Research Analyst
Danielle Light, Grants Associate
Ann Marie Lopez, Recepionist
Omar Salem, Web Technology Specialist
Fred Savino, Office Services Manager
Erik Williams, Information Technology Manager