The School Turnaround Field Guide

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 The School Turnar​ound Field Guide

At FSG, we are passionate about finding better ways to solve social problems. Originally established in 2000 as Foundation Strategy Group, today FSG works across all sectors by partnering with foundations, corporations, school systems, nonprofits, and governments in every region of the globe. Our goal is to help organizations — individually and collectively — create greater social impact.

Our approach is founded on the beliefs that

  • Social sector organizations can play a catalytic role, using evidence-based strategies and strategic evaluation to solve social problems;
  • Corporations can create shared value by using their core capabilities in ways that contribute to both social progress and economic success;
  • Better alignment within the social sector can lead to collective impact beyond that which individual organizations alone could achieve.

Our team brings the right combination of on-the-ground experience and world-class expertise in strategy development to tackle the world’s most challenging problems in three ways:

  • Creating fresh ideas and practical tools that boost the success of change makers in all sectors.
  • Consulting with clients to build strategies and practices that lead to powerful results in the areas they care about most.
  • Connecting peers and communities to each other and to proven practices, so each gains from the knowledge of all.

FSG’s Education and Youth Practice works with foundations, nonprofits, state agencies, corporations, and school districts individually and collectively to solve education and youth-related issues. We work with clients on strategy development, learning and evaluation, operational planning, research and intellectual capital development. The practice is comprised of individuals who have direct previous experience in the education sector as well as at top strategy consulting firms. The mission of our practice is to improve the academic and personal outcomes of children and youth.

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About Carnegie Corporation of New York

Carnegie Corporation of New York is a philanthropic foundation created by Andrew Carnegie in 1911 to do “real and permanent good in this world.” Throughout its history the Corporation has sought to promote and preserve a robust American democracy by supporting expanded opportunity through education. Carnegie Corporation’s goal is to generate systemic change throughout the kindergarten to college continuum, with particular emphasis on secondary and higher education. The Corporation aims to enable many more students, including historically underserved populations and immigrants, to achieve academic success and perform at the highest levels of creative, scientific, and technical knowledge and skill.

About The Wallace Foundation

This report was funded in part by The Wallace Foundation, which seeks to support and share effective ideas and practices to improve learning and enrichment opportunities for children. The report’s conclusions are the authors’ own. The foundation’s current objectives are to: improve the quality of schools, primarily by developing and placing effective principals in high-need schools; improve the quality of and access to out-of-school-time programs through coordinated city systems and by strengthening the financial management skills of providers; integrate in- and out-of-school learning by supporting efforts to reimagine and expand learning time during the traditional school day and year as well as during the summer months, helping expand access to arts learning, and using technology as a tool for teaching and promoting creativity and imagination. For more information and research on these and other related topics, please visit its Knowledge Center at

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