Ahead of the Class

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 Ahead of the Class

Beatriz Chu Clewell is a principal research associate at the Urban Institute, where she directs the Evaluation Studies and Equity Research Program in the Education Policy Center. She has conducted a number of evaluations of teacher recruitment programs, including that of the Pathways to Teaching Careers Program, for which data on 42 programs and close to 3,000 participants over a six-year period were collected. Dr. Clewell has also published several reports and articles on teacher recruitment and teacher quality, including a special issue of Education and Urban Society on diversifying the teaching force in urban school systems (Ana María Villegas, coauthor). Before joining the Urban Institute, she was a senior research scientist at the Educational Testing Service’s Education Policy Research Division.

Ana María Villegas is a professor of education at Montclair State University, where she teaches courses on urban education and quantitative research methods. Prior to joining the school, she was a senior research scientist with the Education Policy Research Division of the Educational Testing Service. Dr. Villegas has extensive experience with evaluation research, particularly as it pertains to programs of teacher preparation. In addition to codirecting the Pathways evaluation, she has directed a national investigation of in-service programs for teachers of language minority students. She also codirected several other evaluation studies of programs designed to increase the number of well-prepared teachers, especially candidates of color. Dr. Villegas has published widely on topics such as assessing teacher performance in a diverse society, preparing teachers for a changing student population, and culturally responsive teaching.


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