All Work and No Play?

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 All Work and No Play?

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  • Strengthen education leadership to improve student achievement
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  • Expand participation in arts and culture.
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About Public Agenda

Founded in 1975 by social scientist and author Daniel Yankelovich, and former U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, Public Agenda works to help the nation's leaders better understand the public's point of view and to help average citizens better understand critical policy issues. Our in-depth research on how citizens think about policy has won praise for its credibility and fairness from elected officials from both political parties and from experts and decision makers across the political spectrum. Our citizen education materials and award-winning Web site offer unbiased information about the challenges the country faces. Recently recognized by Library Journal as one of the Web’s best resources, Public Agenda Online provides comprehensive information on a wide range of policy issues.


The authors of All Work and No Play? would like to thank the following people for their support and assistance during the preparation of this report:

Our partners at The Wallace Foundation—M. Christine DeVita, Nancy Devine, Rebecca Edwards, Lucas Bernays Held, Lee Mitgang, Sheila Murphy and, especially, Ed Pauly and Shao-Chee Sim—for offering us the opportunity to conduct this research and for providing the freedom to explore the issues without constraint or bias;

Todd Andrews, Martine Benarroch, Paul Bucci, Margaret Clancy, Leor Farkas, Nick Feurey and Meghan Maloney for their indispensable input on the questionnaire;

Renee Dailey, Kay Lawson, Shana McKay Wortham, Leslie Rennie-Hill and Linda Rich for their assistance in arranging and recruiting participants for the focus groups;

Beth Syat, our former colleague, for her indefatigable efforts to keep the process moving forward in the beginning stages of this research;

Claudia Feurey, Public Agenda’s Vice President for Communications and External Relations, and her colleague Michael Hamill Remaley, Director of Communications, for bringing our work to the attention of a broad audience;

Scott Bittle, Nancy Cunningham and David White—Public Agenda’s Online Department—for producing a distinctive and highly informative online version of this report;

Daniel Yankelovich, who joined Cyrus Vance more than two decades ago to found Public Agenda. Dan’s thinking on public opinion remains at the core of our work;

And Public Agenda President Ruth A. Wooden for her vision, insight and guidance.

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