New on the Shelf: Teens in the Library

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 New on the Shelf: Teens in the Library

Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago was established in 1985 as a research and development center dedicated to bringing sound information, rigorous analyses, innovative ideas, and an independent perspective to the ongoing public debate about the needs of children and the ways in which those needs can best be met.

The Center focuses its work on all children, while devoting special attention to children facing special risks or challenges, such as poverty, abuse and neglect, and mental and physical illness. The contexts in which children are supported— primarily their families and communities—are of particular interest.

Chapin Hall’s work is shaped by a dual commitment to the worlds of research and policy. This requires that our work meet both the exacting standards of university research and the practical needs of policy and program development, and that we work to advance knowledge and to disseminate it.

Chapin Hall is committed to diversity not only of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and physical ability, but also of experience, discipline, and viewpoint. Chapin Hall’s commitment to all children, with special attention to those experiencing or at risk of serious problems, is reflected in the range of the Center’s research projects and publications. The following represent the Center’s major areas of endeavor:

  • Children’s services, covering the problems that threaten children and the services designed to address them, including child welfare, mental health, and the juvenile court.
  • Community building, focusing on the development, documentation, and evaluating of community-building initiatives designed to make communities more supportive of children and families, and the resources in communities that support the development and well-being of all children.
  • Schools and learning, examining the relationship between schools and the other settings in which children learn.
  • International projects, covering Chapin Hall’s involvement with children’s policy researchers and research centers in other countries.
  • Special activities and consultations, covering a range of projects, often undertaken in collaboration or consultation with other organizations.

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