Ahead of the Class

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 Ahead of the Class

This handbook incorporates the knowledge and experience of many people associated with the Pathways to Teaching Careers Initiative. We appreciate the cooperation of the program directors, staff, and participants with the various data collection activities. Their efforts made it possible for us to gather the information presented in this handbook.

We want to acknowledge the valuable assistance of the coordinating agencies: the Southern Education Foundation, Bank Street College, and Peace Corps of America. The directors of these agencies— Nathaniel Jackson, Nona Weekes and Cathleen Wiggins, and Fran Bond and Henry Fernandez—shared important insights into program practices and facilitated the collection of data.

We are grateful to the staff of the DeWitt Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund for their constant support throughout this project. We are especially appreciative of Adam Stoll, who provided guidance and encouragement at every stage of the evaluation process. Ed Pauly also gave valuable guidance and insight. He responded thoughtfully to our ideas for this handbook and provided substantive feedback to ensure it would be useful to readers. Mildred Hudson, the original program officer for Pathways, promoted our evaluation work by emphasizing the value of documenting program processes and outcomes. Sam Cargile, who became program officer in 1997, continued to provide support for evaluation activities. Lee Mitgang reviewed a draft of the handbook and made sound suggestions for improving the presentations of ideas.

Our special thanks to members of the project’s advisory board: Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, Patricia B. Campbell, the late Alonzo Crim, and Ursula Casanova. Their suggestions and insights early in the evaluation process helped give direction to our work. The project benefited tremendously from their wealth of knowledge and experience.

We also appreciate the considerable contributions of the Urban Institute’s Carrie O’Connor McGillen, Karen Callahan, Thenoa Davis-Googe, and Michael Bowden, who assisted us with the data collection and analysis and the production of the handbook. Judith Dollenmayer, who edited the manuscript, also deserves our thanks. Any errors or omissions are, of course, the responsibility of the authors.

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