Hours of Opportunity

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 Hours of Opportunity

Many individuals contributed to this study, which was made possible by the interest and support of the sponsor, The Wallace Foundation. In particular, we thank Zakia Redd, Ann Stone, and Ed Pauly from The Foundation’s evaluation team; Nancy Devine, Sheila Murphy, and Dara Rose from the communities team; and Pam Mendenal and Lucas Held from the communication team. All provided important feedback that improved the content of this monograph.

We are particularly grateful for the cooperation and support provided by each of the cities in the study—Boston, Chicago, New York City, Providence, and Washington, D.C. Our respondents’ willingness to share their successes and challenges in this area will aid other cities in their efforts to improve OST program provision. Reviews by city agency and intermediary staff also improved the accuracy and presentation of this monograph. We are indebted to all the individuals who participated in the study and shared their valuable time and insights with us.

We appreciate the insightful reviews and comments provided by Heather Weiss and our RAND colleague Catherine Augustine. The clarity of this monograph benefited greatly from their comments and suggestions.

Finally, we thank our colleague Dahlia Lichter for organizing our site visits and helping to keep the project on track.

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