AfterZones: Creating a Citywide System

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 AfterZones: Creating a Citywide System

Appendix A:
Mean Scores on RIPQA Scales and Subscales

Appendix Table A.1.
Mean Scores on RIPQA Scales and Subscales for AfterZone Activities


Appendix B:
Demographic Characteristics of Surveyed Youth

During the Fall 2008 and Winter 2009 sessions, P/PV administered surveys to 318 youth who participated in 36 different AfterZone activities. The table below provides information about demographic characteristics of the surveyed youth.

Appendix Table B.1.
Demographic Characteristics of Surveyed AfterZone Participants


Appendix C:
Factor Analysis of Quality of Youth’s Experience Survey

We used factor analysis to group youth’s responses to the survey questions. Eight constructs, all of which were used in previous P/PV studies of youth programs, were created. Items and reliability coefficients for each construct are listed in Appendix Table C.1.

All survey items used a 4-point Likert scale ranging from 1, indicating “not at all true” or “not at all,” to 4, indicating “very true” or “very much.”

Appendix Table C.1.



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