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Host: Lucas Held, director of communications at The Wallace Foundation 

Guests: ​

003 - Caroline Shaw.png
Caroline Shaw, executive director of the Opportunity Project in Tulsa 

Stephanie Andrews, interim executive director of student and family support services for Tulsa Public Schools 

Greg MacPherson, chief Big Thought Institute officer for Big Thought in Dallas 

Juany Valdespino-Gaytan, executive director for social-emotional learning for the Dallas Independent School District

“We don’t just live in this little microcosm called a school district. Our students go home every day and live in the community. So, it only makes sense that we would be reaching out to our community-based organizations, our partners, our expanded-learning partners for us all to work together to serve our students and families.” – Stephanie Andrews ​

The Partnerships for Social Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI) is a comprehensive, multiyear initiative exploring whether and how children can benefit from intentional partnerships between schools and out-of-school time programs focused on building social and emotional skills – and what it takes to do the work. A report by the RAND Corporation offers important insights from the first two years of the initiative at a time when interest in SEL is outstripping empirical guidance about how to implement these programs and practices.

​Researchers found that being committed to SEL and taking the time to meet were important starting points for partnerships between school districts and out-of-school time intermediaries.

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