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"The Cleveland Museum of Art's (CMA) list of Community Partners includes local organizations and institutions that share our common values," says Nancy McAfee, Manager of Outreach and Audience Development.

In approaching potential Partners, the CMA considers whether they:

  • can provide specific resources for museum activities;
  • will co-produce events or programs that dovetail with the museum's own educational and artistic mission; or
  • enjoy high visibility and strong respect within the community.

McAfee visited the directors of more than 50 organizations to uncover partnering opportunities. She now works with 20 groups and organizations throughout the region on various initiatives. Here are just a few:

The Lake Erie Girl Scout Council - Working with the 25,000-member Council, the CMA created a Cleveland Museum of Art Girl Scout badge. All of the requirements were based on a visit to the museum. Workshops were held so scouts and leaders could learn how to earn the badge with a minimum of hands-on staff assistance.

Hough Area Partners in Progress - The CMA works closely with this partner to provide special hands-on activities in Hough, an inner-city neighborhood, during its annual summer celebration, "A New Day in Hough."

Community Relations Board, Office of the Mayor, City of Cleveland - "Unity Day," sponsored by the Mayor's office, features a huge civic breakfast and an all-day celebration in a public location. The museum has provided special banners to decorate the breakfast hall, as well as the CMA Art Crew for the festival.

Cuyahoga County Library System - While the CMA has provided hands-on support for various branch "Discovery Days," the library system has produced handsome reading lists for many CMA special exhibitions and bookmarks for CMA community events such as "Parma Area Day."

Regional Transit Authority - The RTA has provided buses from target neighborhoods to the CMA for its Community Days outreach efforts. Transportation helps overcome visitor resistance to traveling to a new place.

Mayors/Treasurers/School Boards from the cities of East Cleveland, Parma, Parma Heights, Seven Hills, Brooklyn and Lakewood - The leadership of these Cleveland-area communities have served as active Partners in the development of special CMA Community Days tailored to the needs and interests of people in their neighborhoods.