Strengthening Partnerships for Out-of-School Time

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 Strengthening Partnerships for Out-of-School Time

The three strategies highlighted in this guide — engaging a diverse set of partners, keeping out-of-school time on the public agenda and developing common outcome measures — are most effective when employed in combination. City-led efforts to develop a common set of outcomes provide an opportunity to bring partners and resources together, and those outcomes can in turn be used to build public will for sustaining and expanding out-of-school time initiatives. Each strategy is a building block in the development of a comprehensive and high-quality out-ofschool time system.

Given the significant budget constraints caused by the recent economic downturn, cities have little choice but to work collaboratively with other stakeholders to provide out-of-school time programs more efficiently. In addition to maximizing resources, a citywide system can successfully make a difference for youth when it is built on the active participation and commitment of local partners and residents. By mobilizing their communities, municipal leaders can sustain and bring a citywide system to scale, and ultimately make the best use of all local resources for children and youth.

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