The School Turnaround Field Guide

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 The School Turnaround Field Guide

Despite the tremendous level of activity currently happening in the school-turnaround field, the work is still in its early stages. The field is growing quickly, but remains highly fragmented. Interventions are being piloted, but practitioners lack knowledge of what is working and how to scale what works. It has many more questions than it has answers.

We hope that this report increases education reformers’ awareness of the issues, prompts members of the field to think about how to most effectively get involved in or execute on turnaround work, and encourages practitioners to work more closely in concert with others in the field. After all, if the field is to systemically improve thousands of the nation’s underperforming schools, everyone must work together to identify and spread effective practices, create the policies and conditions for success, build capacity, and ensure the sustainability of the work at scale.

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