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Who was Prometheus?
According to Greek mythology, Prometheus (meaning "forethought"), stole fire from the other gods and presented it to humans to empower them. This act of kindness was deemed highly treasonous by the chief god, Zeus, as such knowledge in the hands of humans threatened to put them on an equal footing with the deities. Furious, Zeus had Prometheus shackled to a barren mountainside to be tormented by a predatory eagle. Prometheus, who felt deeply betrayed by Zeus, was forced to endure the prospect of living for an eternity in isolation.

From Prometheus Bound to Steelbound
Prometheus Bound is the first in a trilogy by Greek playwright, Aeschylus, which tells the story of Prometheus' own defiance of the tyranny of Zeus. In the modern adaptation, "Steelbound," Prometheus is bound not to a rocky promontory, but to a massive iron ladle inside the foundry of Bethlehem Steel, evoking memories of the fire that was the heart of that community.