High-quality summer and afterschool learning programs (“out-of-school time” or OST programs) play an important role in young people’s lives. They are even more important in 2022, when many educators are relying on them to help young people recover from learning time lost to COVID-19 and to promote well-being.

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes several funding opportunities that could support such efforts. This guide identifies those opportunities, which providers, districts, summer and afterschool intermediaries and municipal and state officials can tap to cover program costs, plan for the future and develop infrastructure to execute their plans.

The guide groups funding streams under three broad headings:

  • Creating and Sustaining Equitable Conditions for Learning
  • Preparing for Program Delivery
  • Building and Aligning Ecosystems of Support

Within those categories, the guide identifies funding streams for seven elements that emerged from a review of research and conversations with national and local out-of-school time leaders. These elements include:

  • Safe and Supportive Environments
  • Relevant, Rigorous and Engaging Opportunities
  • Planning, Communication and Retention Infrastructures
  • Physical Infrastructures
  • Human Capital
  • Systems of Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Partnerships

The guide was created by the EducationCounsel, an education consulting firm working on policy, strategy, law and advocacy to support improvements in the U.S. education system.

 Points of Interest

  • A new guide from EducationCounsel shows how district leaders and out-of-school-time providers can identify federal funding streams that can be used to support summer and afterschool learning.
    Learn about a new, free guide created by EducationCounsel that identifies federal funding streams to support summer and afterschool programming.

 Supplementary Materials

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