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The Gardner Museum gives me a peaceful feeling and a feeling that you don't want to get out. I LOVE those old-fashioned furniture and the design. What I like the most is the garden; it gives me a feeling of nature. - Bao

When I walked into the Gardner, I felt the presence of all the great artists and pictures. One thing I particularly like is the courtyard. It gives a feel of summer in winter. - Sam

The museum is amazing how they put a garden in the center of the house like a centerpiece on a dining-room table. The rooms are all different in their own little ways. The paintings all tell a story in the room as well. Some are brighter than others. I felt like I was standing in a different world, and everyone around me cleared out. It was just me and the plants. - Cidney

My favorite feature of the entire museum is the general feel of it. When I walk around in there, I don't feel really nervous or anything, as I sometimes do in 'fancy' museums. I'm never conscious of the other people there, and I can roam the rooms at my own free will. - Leah

The smaller, quieter style of the Museum is a change from the huge ones I've been to. - Elizabeth

In the Gardner, I found the way that everything was never changed was interesting. The garden in the middle looked Roman, and it was very beautiful. - Peter

The paintings were great, and the house was incredible. I love the courtyard and how the windows all look over it. It looks like the outdoors indoors. - Zoe

I saw a lot of paintings of mysterious persons, which interested me. The Gardner Museum changed the way I look at portraits. - Junior

My personal favorite, El Jaleo, has very sensual colors, and very relaxing vibes. - Alyca

I wouldn't want to have lived there. It was pretty, but dark and damp like a medieval castle. I wish there were more time during visits, though. It seems like we rush over there during English, then rush back so we don't miss our next class. - Kate

I think it is nice of Isabella to leave the museum to the people, and the Gardner to be especially nice to Boston Latin School. - Donna