This Principal Leadership magazine article examines how three principals in Wallace-supported school districts are working to introduce the Common Core State Standards to their schools. A 2013 Wallace report, The School Principal as Leader: Guiding Schools to Better Teaching and Learning, laid out five practices that can help principals succeed:

  1. Shape a vision for academic success;
  2. Create a climate hospitable to education;
  3. Cultivate leadership in others;
  4. Improve instruction; and
  5. Manage people, data and processes.

The principals featured in this story show how these practices can ease transition to the Common Core. One principal hosts town-hall-style PTA meetings every quarter to share his vision for instruction, with a special focus on explaining Common Core. Another assembled an 18-member leadership team that he takes with him to district trainings. And yet another relies heavily on a data manager to monitor test scores to identify school strengths and weaknesses, calling him the most valuable member of her administrative and instructional team.