This document contains what are believed to be the first-ever set of standards for the job of principal supervisor. Traditionally, the job’s focus has been on ensuring that school principals comply with state and local policies and regulations. But based on the idea that supervisors can help shape effective principals—who, in turn, can improve teaching, learning and, ultimately, student achievement—the standards emphasize the aspect of the job involving developing principals as professionals who can boost student learning. Half of the eight standards center on working with the principal, with Standard One asserting that, “principal supervisors dedicate their time to helping principals grow as instructional leaders.” The standards, which are voluntary, are intended to assist state education agencies and local school districts, which can adapt them to their needs, in molding the job of principal supervisor. A 12-person committee of educators, working under the leadership of the Council of Chief State School Officers, developed the standards, with the support of The Wallace Foundation. The standards are grounded in another set of model standards—those for principals themselves.

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