In these unprecedented times, nonprofit organizations can be challenged by unstable staffing structures, sudden changes in service delivery or capacity, or loss of revenue in the short- and long-term. This webinar by Fiscal Management Associates (FMA) addresses these and other challenges, identifying key areas for organizations to focus on, including:

  • Grounding financial decision making in data and your values
  • Understanding your current financial position and what current resources are available 
  • Adapting and utilizing resources available for immediate response

The webinar and slide deck also offer guidance and links to essential tools on the website, a partnership between FMA and Wallace.

The featured speakers in the webinar are:

Hilda Polanco, Founder and CEO, FMA
Gretchen Upholt, Lead Consultant, FMA

Lucas Berna​ys Held, Director of Communications, Wallace (moderator) 

Download PDF of Slide Deck​