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Host: Lucas Held, Director of Communications for The Wallace Foundation

Interviewees:Tricia McManus, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Leadership and Professional development of the Hillsborough County Public Schools; and Robert Bhoolai, principal at Robinson High School in Tampa, FL.

To strengthen their principal pipeline, district leaders in Hillsborough prioritized improving job standards as the foundation of a robust multiyear plan. In this episode, we explore how their actions have paid off with stronger job candiates, hiring practices and performance tracking.

"We've seen what a principal can do when they walk into a school, especially a school that may be struggling. If they're a strong principal demonstrating these competencies at a high level, they can turn around a school." — Tricia McManus:


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The Principal Pipeline Podcast features principals, district and state leaders, and university officials who have developed strong principal pipelines and are eager to share their lessons learned with the broader field.