A Place to Grow and Learn

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 A Place to Grow and Learn

To learn more about improving out-of-school time learning and related topics, the following can be downloaded for free from The Wallace Foundation’s website at

Getting Started with Market Research for Out-of-School Time Planning: A Resource Guide for Communities, Market Street Research, 2007

The Costs of Out-of-School Time Programs: A Review of the Available Evidence, The Finance Project, Public/Private Ventures, 2006

Focus on Families! How to Build and Support Family-Centered Practices in After School, Harvard Family Research Project and United Way of Massachusetts Bay, 2006

Supporting Student Success: A Governor’s Guide to Extra Learning Opportunities, National Governors Association, 2005

Voices from the 2005 Wallace Foundation Symposium: Building a Framework for the Future, The Wallace Foundation, 2005

Building a Framework for the Future: A Wallace Symposium on Out-of-School Time, The Wallace Foundation, 2005

Quality That Lasts: Building a Framework for the Future of OST, The Wallace Foundation, 2005

Making Out-of-School-Time Matter: Evidence for an Action Agenda, RAND, 2005

All Work and No Play? Public Agenda, 2004

Multiple Choices After School: Findings from the Extended-Service Schools Initiative, Public/Private Ventures and Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, 2002

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