Strong Leaders Strong Schools: 2009 School Leadership Laws

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 Strong Leaders Strong Schools: 2009 School Leadership Laws

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Sara Shelton is a senior policy specialist in NCSL’s Education Program. She is NCSL’s lead staff liaison to The Wallace Foundation’s national education leadership initiative, working on school leadership and school governance issues. Ms. Shelton received her Master’s of Public Administration from the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado and holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Montana.


Research and analysis in this report was funded by a generous grant from The Wallace Foundation. Improving leadership has been the sole focus of The Wallace Foundation’s efforts in education since 2000. The foundation has invested more than $300 million and worked directly with dozens of states, districts and researchers to develop and test ways to improve leadership and share lessons broadly. The National Conference of State Legislatures has partnered with The Wallace Foundation since 2000 to engage legislators and legislative staff in a national education leadership initiative. Resources on education leadership are available for download at


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