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Claudia DeMegret.jpg
Claudia DeMegret, senior program officer at The Wallace Foundation ​

Sergio Garcia, director of learning systems at Big Thought ​

Jessica Gunderson, co-director of Partnership for Children & Youth ​

“Partnership takes time and energy, and so you need to staff that way. What we've seen far too often is that the partnership piece is just a footnote on your job rather than a core responsibility.” – Jessica Gunderson

The second episode of A Hot Time for Summer Learning focuses on the role that partnerships and intermediary organizations play in supporting afterschool and summer learning opportunities for young people. The discussion ranges from the foundational work that goes into building effective partnerships to how intermediaries are helping summer learning programs tackle challenges such as staffing shortages, access to funding and outreach to underserved communities.

High-quality summer learning plays an important role in the lives of our nation’s young people. Summer learning programs can bolster academic knowledge and skills and connect young people to engaging and enriching learning experiences. In the wake of the pandemic, high-quality summer learning programming has become an essential part of children’s learning recovery and well-being.

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