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Polly Singh-preferred.JPG
Polly Singh, senior program o​fficer at The Wallace Foundation

Kathleen Airhart, summer learning advisor to the Council of Chief State School Officers​​

Mashona Council, consultant, National Summer Learning Association ​

Raquel Gwynn, education specialist, Oregon State Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment ​ ​

Cory Radisch, former acting director, Office of Learning, Intervention, and Support, Division of Field Support and Services, New Jersey Department of Education ​

“Our vision has always been to ensure that all young people in America–regardless of background, income or zip code–can participate in and benefit from a high-quality, summer learning experience every single year.” – Mashona Council​

In Episode 3 of A Hot Time for Summer Learning​, we explore statewide networks led by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Summer Learning Association to focus on summer learning. You’ll hear from leaders in Oregon and New Jersey who discuss the role that states can play to help create innovative summer programs.

Network participants from Oregon and New Jersey also share how they turned their vision for summer programming into a reality for students. They reflect on what it took to break down silos and better integrate their summer learning efforts into other state education agency priorities.

High-quality summer learning plays an important role in the lives of our nation’s young people and in the wake of the pandemic has become an essential part of children’s recovery and well-being. This podcast series explores what it takes to create effective programs that make a difference for young people.

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