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Host: Lucas Held, director of communications ​​​at The Wallace Foundation 


Will Miller, president of The Wallace Foundation 

Karen Pittman, co-founder, president, and CEO of the Forum for Youth Investment 

Melissa Schlinger, vice president of practice and programs for CASEL

“In PSELI, we’re interested in more than quantifying student benefits. Equally important is the question, what does it take to align and carry out SEL programs in these different settings? What helps, what gets in the way? If you know something like SEL is helpful, that’s good, but that doesn’t take you very far, unless you also know how to carry it out. And that’s an area where there’s been far less guidance available.” – Will Miller 

The Partnerships for Social Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI) is a comprehensive, multiyear initiative exploring whether and how children can benefit from intentional partnerships between schools and out-of-school time programs focused on building social and emotional skills – and what it takes to do the work. A report by the RAND Corporation offers important insights from the first two years of the initiative at a time when interest in SEL is outstripping empirical guidance about how to implement these programs and practices.  

This episode discusses the importance of social and emotional learning and of the settings in which children acquire these skills and explains why Wallace launched the initiative. 

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