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Host: Lucas Held, director of communications at The Wallace Foundation 


004 - Colleen Labbe.png
Colleen Galvin Labbe, social and emotional learning instructional coach for the Boston Public Schools 

Kimberley Williams, former principal of Joyce Kilmer School in Boston

“When you consider coaching as a lever for SEL, you have to understand that you're going to get the outcomes and impact from that position and role.... When you have a coach, you have a person who helps keep the many competing demands, that it helps to keep SEL at the center of the work that's happening.” – Kimberley Williams

The Partnerships for Social Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI) is a comprehensive, multiyear initiative exploring whether and how children can benefit from intentional partnerships between schools and out-of-school time programs focused on building social and emotional skills – and what it takes to do the work. A report by the RAND Corporation offers important insights from the first two years of the initiative at a time when interest in SEL is outstripping empirical guidance about how to implement these programs and practices.

​The communities found that having designated SEL coaches made a big difference. The coaches helped teachers and staff in out-of-school time programs adopt SEL instruction, demonstrated practices and gave feedback on how to improve. ​

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