Click here to view a web seminar hosted by The Wallace Foundation, March 18, 2009.

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Susan Bodilly, director, RAND (Corporation) Education 
Allen Grossman, MBA Class of 1957 Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School
John Strand, director, Center for Social Marketing and Behavior Change/Academy of Educational Development (AED)

Jody Spiro, senior program officer, The Wallace Foundation

How can education leadership reform become widespread and long-lasting? In a web seminar titled “Scale and Sustainability,” Harvard’s Allen Grossman urges reformers to focus on whether their work actually “changes behavior and gets results.” RAND researcher Susan Bodilly discusses research findings suggesting, among other things, that change programs work best when people have the leeway to adapt them to local circumstances. John Strand of AED describes how marketing techniques can help change behavior to promote reform.
Running time: 55:02 minutes