This webinar, presented October 11, 2011, looks at summer learning loss and possible remedies for it through the eyes of a RAND researcher and those working in the trenches to improve summer learning. Leaders from statewide efforts in Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island share their perspectives along with a trio of people who help lead summer learning projects in those states.


  • Jennifer Sloan McCombs, senior policy researcher at RAND and lead author of Making Summer Count
  • Sanjiv Rao, executive director, New York State Afterschool Network
  • Caterina Leone-Mannino, director of expanded learning and intervention, Rochester City School District
  • Adam Greenman, executive director, Rhode Island Afterschool Plus Alliance
  • Patrick Duhon, director of expanded learning, Providence After School Alliance/Providence Schools
  • Katie Magrane, executive director, Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership
  • Chris Smith, executive director, Boston After School & Beyond


Dara Rose, senior program officer, The Wallace Foundation

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