A Few Words in Response to the Chauvin Verdicts




My heart goes out to the family of George Floyd for having had to relive the trauma of their terrible loss through the long weeks of the trial of Derek Chauvin. I hope the verdicts have brought them some degree of solace.

Our system of justice has, in this instance, worked as it should. After both prosecution and defense, following the rule of law, had the opportunity to present their cases to a jury, the guilty verdicts have brought accountability for police misconduct towards people of color that we have rarely seen. While this is a significant advance, we all know that it was just one part of the struggle. There are many more still to come.

Wallace's mission starts with fostering equity. I hope you will join me in taking this moment as a chance to exhale, take a breath and find inspiration that change is possible – and use that inspiration to renew our commitment to this ideal. I am grateful for all the efforts of our grantees, partners and staff in the pursuit of this shared value. ​​​

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Will Miller, President​