Spreading Lessons from the Principal Pipeline

 90 districts will test if the success of the districts in the Principal Pipeline Initiative can be replicated


Over the next several months, The Wallace Foundation is testing the lessons learned in its Principal Pipeline Initiative to see if the significant improvement in math and reading scores across six school districts can be replicated on a large scale. Those districts took a strategic approach to hiring, training, supporting and placing principals, creating a pipeline of school leaders. Pipeline-building proved to be feasible, affordable, effective and adaptable.

Now the question is: Will the approach work for 90 districts in 31 states?

Wallace director of education Jody Spiro spoke with EdWeek about the new effort, in which the 90 districts have signed on to test a tool kit that guides how they hire, train and match principals to schools.

Stay tuned for the results in the fall. In the meantime, we’ve got your source for all things principal pipeline at www.wallacefoundation.org/principalpipeline

Photo by Claire Holt