M. Christine DeVita, President of The Wallace Foundation Talks About Trends in Arts Participation

July 25, 2003

​The current issue of Philanthropy News Digest features an interview with M. Christine DeVita, president of The Wallace Foundation, about trends in arts participation, the impact of private foundation funding on those trends, the importance of strategic grantmaking and the significance of the new name change recently announced by the foundation.

“The era - if it ever existed - of "build it and they will come" doesn't exist anymore, and I think all institutions, and cultural institutions in particular, need to be thinking about how they meet the needs of the audiences they want to attract".

To read the complete interview in the "Newsmakers” section of the Philanthropy News Digest see: http://www.fdncenter.org/pnd/newsmakers/nwsmkr.jhtml?id=39100055​