Studies on Arts Examine Turnouts, Impacts in Schools


The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio)

This article summarizes major findings from Motivations Matter, a Wallace-supported report from the Urban Institute that explains how people’s motivations for attending arts events — and their expectations of what they’ll experience — vary greatly depending on the arts discipline or type of event.

“The study concluded that arts groups wishing to turn audiences into frequent visitors need to heighten the particular kind of satisfaction those visitors seek from their cultural experiences,” Carolyn Jack writes in this Plain Dealer story.

Motivations Matter, released in November 2005, contains the most recent insights in The Wallace Foundation’s effort to enhance arts providers’ knowledge about what approaches might draw new audiences for their work. An ongoing goal of the foundation is to increase arts participation among adults and children and within underserved audiences.

The Plain Dealer story also connects the conclusions of Motivations Matter with recent research from the Arts Education Partnership, which looked at arts curricula and opportunities at 10 schools nationwide, one of which is located in Cleveland.