State Grants Help Troupes Target Needs, Improve Marketing

The Arizona Republic

This Arizona Republic story profiles two theaters — Borderlands Theater and Childsplay — that increased their audiences by adopting innovative strategies promoted by their state arts agency, the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

The Wallace Foundation made a multi-year commitment to support the Arizona Commission on the Arts and 12 similar state agencies around the country, recognizing these organizations as key players in funding the arts and ensuring that the arts reach as many state residents as possible.

Borderlands Theater and Childsplay both increased attendance by seeking data on their audiences’ wants and needs. With guidance from the arts commission, they conducted surveys that yielded enlightening information: Borderlands noticed a need for new ways to market its Spanish-language plays to Spanish-speaking audiences, and Childsplay discovered that reminding subscribers late in the season to use their multi-play passes resulted in an increased subscription-renewal rate.

“We came out from the other end of [the process] with a whole new attitude toward research and learning and the benefits of this more businesslike approach,” Rosemary Walsh, the marketing director for Childsplay, told Republic reporter Kerry Lengel. To read the full story, follow the link below.

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