THE PRINCIPAL STORY Clip Reel - School Leadership Film Clips

The Principal Story Movie Clips – A PBS Documentary Film about School Principal Leadership

The Clip Reel, including 22 minutes of film clips selected from THE PRINCIPAL STORY, aims to assist practitioners and their trainers and mentors in reflecting upon and improving leadership practice. The Clip Reel organizes scenes from the film according to four key themes related to the central role of the principal in improving teaching and learning: Stewardship of a Vision, Leading Instructional Improvement, Creating the Instructional Environment and Holding People Accountable.

This organization of scenes enhances the use of the two principals’ stories in academic and district settings. For example, the clips could be used by principal training programs and universities as a classroom discussion tool; by principal mentors or staff developers to generate discussion about strategies to improve teacher performance and student outcomes; and by superintendents to develop school improvement plans or to model effective practice as instructional leaders.