​This online calculator works like a student loan or mortgage calculator. It lets you determine the costs of a variety of options for high-quality afterschool programs and the summer portions of year-round programs. The calculator’s cost estimates, which come from the most detailed study to date on the costs of high-quality programs, were updated in 2021 to reflect both the change in the general cost of living nationally and changes in the relative cost of living across cities.

 Wallace Cost Calculator

How this tool works iHow this tool worksProgram costs (collected for the companion study, Cost of Quality) were statistically modeled using regression analysis to determine how a program's full costs correlated with specific program characteristics. These estimated models are the basis for this calculator.

The calculator will present you with a variety of questions about your intended program. Once you specify these program characteristics, you will be able to view tailored cost estimates.
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iSummer portion of a year round programThis refers to the costs spent to provide the summer portion of a year-round program. This calculator should not be used to estimate costs for stand-alone summer programs as they have different operating structures and thus different costs. For example, they have fewer days over which to spread fixed costs. For more information, The Center for Summer Learning is publishing a report on the cost of summer programs.
Why is there no year-round option? iWhy is there no year-round program?Because of the different costs associated with a school year program and the summer portion of a year round program, we do not present an option for a year round program. If you would like to calculate the cost for a year round program, please go through the calculator twice -- once to determine the cost for your school year program and once to determine the cost for your summer program -- and add the results together.
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