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Host: Lucas Held, Director of Communications, The Wallace Foundation


  • Doug Anthony, associate superintendent of the Office of Talent Development in Prince George’s County public schools
  • Susan Holiday, instructional director/principal supervisor in Prince George’s County
  • Jaime Whitfield-Coffen, principal of Tulip Grove Elementary School in Prince George’s County

A RAND Corporation study finds that six large school districts that built principal pipelines saw better retention of new principals. Leaders from Prince George’s County public schools in Maryland discuss how building a principal pipeline has helped to create stability, networks of support and clear standards that they believe led to more principals sticking around for the long haul—and what that means for student achievement.

“It's good to just have someone to lean on. I think that that's one of the reasons why I have stayed in Prince George's County, is just because I know that there's a network or people who are there supporting me along this walk, along this journey of being a principal.” – Jaime Whitfield-Coffen

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The Principal Pipeline Podcast​ features principals, district and state leaders, and university officials who have developed strong principal pipelines and are eager to share their lessons learned with the broader field.